1. An asshole who likes donkey dong in the butt.
2. The male reproductive organ.


1. Used as an insult.
"Wow dude, stop acting like a total pener."

"You are totally the biggest pener I know!"

"Dude, take the gigantic pener out of your butthole."
by Nick and Tim July 08, 2006
Top Definition
1. penis
2. a stupid viking asshole who misspells his own name
3. one who is being difficult

Originated in 2002 at Carthage College.
Plal, quit being such a pener!
by miss grace December 02, 2004
a word for the PENIS
WHOA his pener is huge or small
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
the skin on your knee
I scraped my pener when I dove for the ball.
by Zach R September 23, 2005
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