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The act of writing information about a subject that one has absolutly no knowledge of.
Since I was totally clueless about the topic of my history final, I pencil fucked my way through the essay portion.
by ken May 05, 2005
Washington, DC, slang: if somebody higher up in government takes a pencil to a speech before you deliver it, that’s called being “pencil-fucked”.
The Secretary for the Interior pencil-fucked me before I could tell North Dakota to get over how many tourists South Dakota gets at Mount Rushmore.
by mum61e January 02, 2012
When something has been so edited down that it barely exists anymore
She pencil-fucked my entire idea.
by XYZA June 08, 2011
when you go to a dealership of some sort, (car, motorcycle, RV boat, etc) and they do math-a-matical magic with your trade, the cost of your new toy, the finance guy and his crap, extended warranties, and when all is said and done, you have no idea if you got a good deal or not.
Bob: Hey guy, nice new car. How'd that all work out for you?

Rob: I have no idea, got pencil fucked at the stealership. All I know is its 359/month for the next 60 months.
by 914D April 21, 2013
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