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Someone who works in an incredibly boring job. Most likely the person themselves also exudes extreme boringness. I.e. an accountant, or one whose job is meaningless, and invites people that have no personalities to join and TALK.
Wow, CAN I BE an accountanct - you guys get to work AND train AND get paid WELL. And to top it all off, you guys are INTERESTING....tell me MORE!!!!
by Vinski August 04, 2004
Guys who can't fucking rap, have bad flow, and sound like shit. They, claim to make music, but are really just some kids who make bullshit..
These guys on myspace, they write shit. They call themselves pencil pushers, but they aren't pushing shit.
by JLynn. June 17, 2009
a pencil pusher is a gaymo who packs ze shizit
At a group meeting "Hi my name is ray and i'm a Stoner" ::goes around the circle:: "Hi my name is Mark and i'm a pencil pusher"
by Zee Assman April 19, 2005
One who sells pencils at the local street corner
One who pumps lead into bystanders.
Ticonderoga called the cops on Fundo for illegally selling pencils. Fundo was labeled a pencil pusher.
by authOOr June 27, 2006
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