contraction of penis and ass
I'm suffering from a serious penass right now, so you'll have to come later.
by Bryan Smith December 31, 2003
Top Definition
Male version of gootch, cause if, or vaganus. Made by cramming penis and ass into one word. My most glorious creation yet. I was sad to find out vaganus was taken already as I previously thought I was the inventor of that gem as well. but you cant have it all. Thanks Urban Dictionary for clearing that up though.
Perve: "You are my favorite pornstar. Can you please sign my penass?"
Pornstar: "Of Course, Where else would a thot of my caliber sign."
Perve: "You are the only one doing that to your vaganus in porn these days, my gf cant even do that."
Perve: "My gf is jealous that I can do it to my penass better than she can to her vaganus."
Pornstar:"That's amazing, you can stick a flashlight up your ass and see the reddish glow on your penass."
by Jake Galloway November 25, 2013
A penis that has been in ass so many times that it resembles the inside of an asshole
Guy: are you not impressed by what you see?

Girl: oh my god, you have a penass *takes picture and blogs about it on twitter*
by Awf uck May 14, 2014
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