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something said that is ridiculous, idiotic, a half truth or just stupid, synonym for BS
That is just a bunch of pelosi.
by Lou 123 February 02, 2009
137 642
Something that make you quite ill when ingested, such as spoiled meat, snake venom, excrement or other disgusting matter.

Frequently, violent regurgitation occurs shortly after, if not during, ingestion. Ingesting too much can cause permanent brain damage.
Hey boss, I will be out of work today as I am quite ill. It turns out that sandwich I ate has some spoiled meat, it was a Pelosi.
by gsesos May 14, 2009
726 1135
A term to use instead of Bull Sh**, or "BS".
Used if something is ridiculous, idiotic, a half-truth, or just
stupid. It covers any number or negative formats. The dictionary defines it as: nonsense; especially foolish insolent talk.
"That's just a bunch of Pelosi."
"You're full of Pelosi"
by JimNHCT January 24, 2009
325 830
Noun; that which results from excreting solid waste
Yesterday, after eating mexican chilli and uncooked marsupials all afternoon, I took the biggest Pelosi of my life. It took two cuts with a fork to get it to go down.
by Jim Sloyer November 09, 2006
167 672
The firm spackle of feces that sticks to the sides of a toilet bowl, thereby requiring a brush (called a Pelosi brush) to scrape it off.
I saw the Pelosi you left behind from that awful chili shit.
by ducknutz November 18, 2010
23 529
An elaborate or high profile strategy or plan that results in a colossal failure over time.
Hi marketing plan was supposed to save the company but turned out to be a pelosi.
by Melanie Webster October 06, 2010
23 529
n. Obscene term; the most repulsive creature, matter, or concept one could possibly imagine.
"Smells like someone stepped in a pile of Pelosi." "I was there when the Pelosi hit the fan."
by screwthefeds March 25, 2010
46 552