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The sexiest, prettiest, kindest, most beautiful, and most amazing girl in the world. Definitely the kind of girl you'd tap and take home to mom cus she's the best of both worlds. Everybody loves her cus she got a great personality and she's sexy/beautiful. Has amazing tits and a nice juicy ass. She knows how to move on the dance floor and in the bed room. Mainly a dog person, loves either pink or blue. Has brains and knows how to give knowledge, if you catch my drift. Loves to party but also knows the right time to be serious. The best person anyone could have in their life, take it from experience!
dude: Hey ma look who I brought.
mom: Omg its Pelayia. She's such a sweetheart and is so beautiful.
dude: I know right.

later on that day

dude: Hey guys wuttup?
dude's friend: Nothing much bro.. check out that hottie on the dance floor
dude: Oh yea thats my girl, Pelayia
dude's friend: Man she can move and she's fucken sexy bro.
dude: haha yea. I'm fucken lucky.
by shadyisdahman October 28, 2010
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