isang guhit na napapaligiran ng mga buhok, paboritong dilaan at pasukin ng mga lalaki
didilaan ko yang pekpek mo pag di ka tumigil!
by Clad October 30, 2003
Top Definition
(noun) filipino word for pussy
Joseph has a pek pek instead of a titi
by JackChris May 14, 2005
Filipino slang for vagina/pussy/cunt.

Sometimes Filipina will women use it as a vulgar expression... (See example)
As an expression: "Ay pekpek!" (Note... this expression should only be used by women and homosexuals.)

As a noun: "Pakihipo nga ang pekpek mo..." ("Please let me touch your pekpek.") _ This phrase may be used by men or tomboys (i.e. lesbians).
by Aec August 14, 2003
Very powerful weapon used by Women to seduct boys
"Nahindot ko ang Pekpek mo, amoy durian pero super sarap". I fucked you all night :)
by Titi September 01, 2003
filipino word for female genitalia.
1. I came out of my mommy's pek pek
2. Pek pek is the main commodity sold by pok poks (hookers)
by pak_pak April 15, 2010
how baby chickens eat.
them chicks were pekpekking it.
by pekpek joe May 27, 2004
1)its in the girls body;this is kind of machine for boys.
it can make ur dick larger and bigger and longer if its small!!u know!!!a machine!!
by kepkep September 25, 2003
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