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Going in an opposite direction or an otherwise out-of-the-way route to where you should be in search of a toilet.
Isn't your next class the other way?
Yeah, but I gotta take a peetour.
by PlutoRoman October 21, 2009
A brief digression from your planned route home so you can answer nature's call. Behind the bushes, mayhaps? In an alley for the classy.
"It's almost last call, let's get out of here."
"Okay but I have to take a peetour on the way."
by USF loverrr January 07, 2010
When you enter a public bathroom with the intent of defecating but see that there is already someone occupying the stall and/or in the bathroom to witness you entering the stall and you head for the urinals and feign urination instead.
I went in to take a dump, but i saw my boss in there washing his hands, so i took a peetour
by Tobias Z March 06, 2008
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