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a set of words you combine and cant stop saying because you took too much acid.
Beaver: "a penis is nothing but a huge clit that peesandfuckfucksvagina"
Ryan: "hahahahahahahaha"
Adam: " hahahahhaha"
Torrie: "you guys are fucking stupid"
All except torrie: "hahahahahahhaa!"
Ryan: "you guys wanna eat some more acid?"
All: "fuck yeah"

All except torrie (on the walk home) "peesandfucksvagina!"
Brandon: the world is only peesandfucksvagina"
Ryan: " there is no you, there is no us , there is only...
#peesandfucksvagina #beaver #balls #nutsack #acid #lsd #frying #jesus peesandfucksvagina
by beaver loves penis May 31, 2009
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