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Fart in Estonian. Gases that come out of your ass.
Sa peeruhaisu tunned?
by Syko March 27, 2005
16 63
Someone who is your age or close to it.
"I sentence you to be exposed before your peers! Tear down the wall!!!!!!"
by Xavier breath March 22, 2005
126 39
people in the same group as you, for example same age or same class.
Andy's peers graduated in 1999, but Andy is a mouth-breather so he had to stay back a year.
by i have a large wang March 12, 2004
72 22
n. The ratbastard who resets your (or your friends') IRC connections.
Connection reset by peer.
by Slide January 24, 2003
71 46
A word to use instead of pure to sound cool in front of cunts around you
Your mum is a peer cunt
by Peer Wanker November 28, 2013
7 2
A deluded moron
Peers believes Arsenal will win the league, hopefully will be deported
by Tutus February 27, 2014
0 0
One who pees.
When two strangers meet at a bank of urinals, they suddenly become intensely interested in the ceiling or the corners of the room opposite their fellow peer.
by beecheese December 11, 2008
33 50
Yes, that fagass who zaps everyone using 56k. Damnit cass!
* Cass has quit. (Connection reset by peer).

03:33:20 <Jimbo> GOD DAMNIT NO!
by Kelyas April 20, 2003
21 60