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a loser named john who sits outside your window and watches you through your window and may or may not be naked.
i am john and im watching you through your window because im a peeping john. naked.
by john peepers September 07, 2006
The perverted act of climbing into an open pit, outhouse, or campground toilet to peek at other people's genitalia. So far an act only reported occurring in Maine.
He's such a pervert, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Peeping John!
by Plus L T October 28, 2009
Exactly like a peeping tom except the person who's doing the peeping prefers to peep while people are using the john.
I was taking a dumb at the casino and a peeping john stood on the toilet in the next stall to get the height he needed to see over wall of the toilet stall I was in.
by Jon the peeping john February 09, 2010
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