Another way of saying stripper, refering to the process of peeling off their clothing.
Let's go see some peelers tonight.
by nullterm April 28, 2005
Top Definition
a member of her majesty's constabulary: a police officer; especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. Derived from the name of Sir Robert Peel who developed the Metropolitan Police Act in 1928 which proved to be the foundation for the modern police force in Britain.
"Oh great - it's the fucking peelers."

"Quick! Stash the biscuits! That bloke's a peeler!"
by DVC February 14, 2005
the scum bag police force of Northern Ireland
also referred to as the PSNI, RUC or those black bastards
named after Sir Robert Peel , who founded the metropoltain police in Britain and the 6 counties.
colly: "Use 'ens comin' down for yer carry out or wa?"
paddy: "Na mate, the peelers are about, ye'd get lifted"
colly "Fuck the black bastards!"
by up-da-ra April 05, 2007
Commonly known as black bastards, the police in Northern Ireland, regularly kicked and hit with shit for being such scummy bastards!
Rite mate, comin down the bons?

Neh mate, peelers are bout!

Fuckin black bastards!
by Pelo April 28, 2005
In Britain today all policemen are commonly referred to as ‘Bobbies’! Originally though, they were known as ‘Peelers’ as they were the creation of one Sir Robert Peel.
The Peelers were the Metropolitan Police Force, which Sir Robert founded in 1829 when he was Home Secretary in Lord Liverpool’s Tory Cabinet.
by Robert+ January 26, 2006
Peeler or Peelers is Irish slang used mainly in the north but some places in south to. A Peeler is a police officer, cop, pig what ever you wish to call them even bacon
Person 1: Yo dude how come you're so late?
Person 2: Dam bast*ard peelers fu*king pulled me over for no reason again

example 2

Dude get rid of the J peelers are coming this way
by Firetail May 30, 2012
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