The liquid that when gets on the toilet seat at the pool the naked men start yelling at you to wipe it up.
Naked man:WHAT RU doin

Other Naked Man: wipe it up!!
What people (mostly men) do on the toilet seat in public toilets and don't bother to wipe it off.
When I went to the public toilet some idiot had peed all over the seat. I had to wipe off the pee!
by a.k is awesome:-) July 16, 2014
The result of drinking water. When you pee,your body gets rid of little nasties in your body.
Protip-NEVER ever pee when you're inside a girl. She will hate you for life.
by Pitchy January 09, 2016
you must be dumb to search pee. pee is that yellow liquid that comes out when your sitting on a toliet. dumb ass.
i will be back in a second i half to pee.
by Hc Huskies Basketball Girl July 07, 2015
This awesomely tasty stuff that comes out of your cock or cunt when you feel like impressing the opposite sex. It feels awesome when your a guy and you piss into a girls cunt.
Girl- Wow Joe! This lemonade is so good!

Joe- It isn't lemonade, it's my pee, fresh out of my cock.
by hornypussylicker April 06, 2009
pee, it's all the poison rejected out of the food you ate, along with the poo

there are 5 types of poo(counting on their color)
*clear/transparent: you just drinked some water or the food you ate doesn't contain any poison, it's not dangerous to drink if on desert, it doesn't even have a taste, almost like water

*white:1-you have eaten much sugar , even the pee will look like white sand and it will know what, if drunken may cause stomach-ache

*yellow:just regular pee,with 70% poison and 28% water and 2% other liquids, 40% chance of becoming sick and 7% chance of dying

*red: you have inner bleeding in you stomach, 7% chance of dying if drunk, no chance of becoming sick
if this happens to you go immediately to the doctor

*green: just slum/failed cure, 80% chance of dying if drunk,
just like the red, go to the doctor in at maximum 2hours or you'll die in 5 days, without any helpful cure

good luck with you pee(s)
n°1 guy: hey n°2 guy, yesterday i peed slum
2 guys watching a horror movie in winter
n°1 guy:i think i peed in my pants

n°2 guy:your lucky, i bet my pee have frozen now!
by anis91 October 24, 2011
The only thing girls ever do in the restroom. They don't fart or shit like their manly predessesors, girls don't ever fart or shit. EVER
Girls don't ever shit or fart. They just pee
by Mavrito May 23, 2014
abriviation for Punch Every Enemy.
hey i gotta go pee
iight ill help u out... whos the enemy
by adglkja June 27, 2007
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