The liquid that when gets on the toilet seat at the pool the naked men start yelling at you to wipe it up.
Naked man:WHAT RU doin

Other Naked Man: wipe it up!!
to urinate; see whiz
frickin' a! i felt it trinkling down my leggin...
by Buns McFarty May 12, 2005
the yellow stuff some people let out when they laugh
sometimes i pee a little
by carol November 25, 2003
to urinate (see also piss, whiz)
He had to pee so badly, he was in pain.
by Light Joker December 16, 2004
The stuff that comes out when me and my freind are sled riding and there is no bathroom available to poop or pee in. (see poop. there are to many deffinitoins for any sane person)
There are many more definitions for poop than for pee.
by anonymous September 29, 2003
liquid that comes from your blader.
i have to....... ahhhh never mind woa I'm still going pee!
#liquid #yellow #white #bladder #ahhhh
by i ran over the taco dog March 26, 2010
The yellow substance on your floor that you think just might be juice.. but it smells quite different.
I would suggest using kleenex to wipe up that pee off your floor.
by Your name: November 29, 2004
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