A name u call a douche bag that is acton like a douche bag
Hey dip shit quit being a pee pee vagina so i can go to the movies.
by 6969696969 March 05, 2007
Top Definition
When a guy tucks in his ball sack on video and not has not shown his face, and then while the men watching (xbox live UNO) think its a vagina, he spreads his legs and his balls and dick pop out!
yo dude this guy who looked like he had a vagina was on UNO on xbox live but the dude had a fucking pee pee vagina!
by Dantheman2456 February 25, 2008
a hilarious song involving a penis and vigina.
jacob sang the "pee pee vagina" song in band class.
by cnxfgnxfgmxfm November 16, 2006
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