adjective towards pedophiles, describing the creepy, dispicable actions of them.
"he got head from a 13 year old"
"thats really pedophiliac."
#pedophile #disgusting #child #molester #wrong #underage
by fed.up. November 21, 2009
Top Definition
See: Pope Benedict XVI
Dude 1: Hey man, won't it be, like rad, if you, like named all the Pedophiliac people in the world?

Dude 2: Uhh, yeah sure brah, how about: Pope Benedict XVI.

Dude 1: That's all brah? C'mon gimme more Pedos.

Dude 2: Umm, How about Petyr Baelish?

Dude 1: Who?
#pedo #pope #dudes #a #word
by PetyrDaPedo June 06, 2014
a person who uses children for sexual pleasure
the pedophiliac raped 3 boys
by freddy April 28, 2003
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