usually a man who stalks his victims and often stares and makes weird comments to them. he also sometimes fantasizes about them and finds out where they live.
Katie: Greg followed me home the other day. I don't want him to know where I live.
*Next Day*
Greg: Hey Katie I passed by you on my way to.... following you home? I'm a pedophile... uhhh BYE!
by missmissy1994 June 14, 2012
an adult (chick or dude) who is sexually attracted to young children
Jack: Did you hear about that pedophile Philip Craig Garrido who kidnapped 11 year old Jaycee Dupree, locked her away for 18 years in his backyard, and had two children with her?

Jill: That's fucked up dude!
by momotan September 06, 2009
A (normally male) adult that sexually abuses children. Also normally is a Catholic priest.
Man 1-Did you hear about that pedophile?
Friend-Yeah, Friar Tuck is creepy.
by Themadbaron April 06, 2011
A person of privilege who thrives on preying on the young and the helpless. Most likely young children who still have braces and need a ride home.
Dude that white guy with privilege you work with, is such a pedophile! Look at him skeezing on that underage girl! Oh no, is he offering her candy and a ride home!? We should step in...
by gatewaybrown September 07, 2010
Usually nowadays it's somebody (usually male), who is sexually attracted to kids in a sexual way. Or it's a pathetic scumbag who is attracted to them, but is an adult and desides to have sex with them and is dating them. Now that's statoury rape.
Pedophile (23 year old dude); I'm dating a 12 year old and she gives nice sex and head!! I love her so much!!

12 year old girl: I love my babay, he's so nice and when I'm 18 we're gonna get married!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1111!

Adult (18): That is so digusting, you're very pathetic for going after someone young because noone you're age wants you.
Me: The couple are both losers, too bad she's 12. I swear she would know better if she was like 16.
by AskYourMom May 27, 2007
It seems most of the definitions on here are accurate, but just to clear some things up:

A "pedophile", according to the American Psychological Association and by it's very definition is: Someone, who for a period of 6 months or more, has arousing fantasies, urges, or feelings towards prepubescent children. The APA states that the person must be at least 16 or older, however there have been cases where younger teens have been diagnosed with "warning signs" that may indicate an unnatural sexual attraction.

Which means is that:
1) The sexual attraction towards young teens (13-17 yr olds) is in a completely different category known as ephebophilia. (The age of consent does not apply because it includes pubescent teens)

2) The words pedophile and child molester are not synonymous in that "pedophilia" describes the sexual attraction whereas "child molester" describes the sexual abuse. Furthermore, studies show that many child molesters aren't even attracted to children, which is why molestation is considered more of a power crime rather than a sex crime. In other words, many pedophiles do not abuse children, and many child molesters have no sexual interest in children - which is why they are two separate words.
(A molested child is not a victim of "pedophilia", he/she is a victim of "child molestation" - even if pedophilic urges led to the act.)
1) Bill just admitted to me today that he's a pedophile. I can't believe he's attracted to children, I hope he seeks help.
by Kylex10 April 02, 2007
An adult who is sexually attracted to children.

Pedophiles are the most hated minority on Earth. Simply being a pedophile is enough to land you in jail, even if you didn't do anything--the law will usually use the excuse that you *might* do something to put you behind bars. It's actually very unfair, because pedophiles did not *choose* to be pedophiles (honestly, who would CHOOSE to be part of the most hated minority on the planet?).

In addition, the terms 'child molester' and 'pedophile' are used interchangeably, despite the fact that most child molesters *are not* pedophiles. Pedophiles love children too much to put them through society's torments, and are also very mindful of the law. Therefore, a pedophile will not harm a child in that manner.

Child molesters are almost never primarily attracted to children and molest them out of a) control, b) unavailability of a preferred partner (surrogacy), or c) a DESIRE to harm them.

Pedophiles, as they are, don't deserve the treatment they get most of the time, because they haven't done anything. People treat an attraction to children like a disease that can be cured--but it isn't. It's a sexuality, despite what most people believe, just like homosexuality. It is something they cannot control and thus should not be labeled a sickness.

Acting on those urges is wrong, I agree, but the treatment they get just for HAVING them is also wrong and very undeserved.
Person A: "That fucking pedophile needs to go fucking kill himself." Person B: "What'd he do?" Person A: "Does it matter?!" Person B: "Yes..." Person A: "Fucking pedophile sympathizer, get the fuck out of my house!"
by Setr September 17, 2007

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