A person who loves feet. Ped (feet) and philio (love).
This man is a pedophile. He is obsessed with feet.
by strawberry19942 September 21, 2010
It seems most of the definitions on here are accurate, but just to clear some things up:

A "pedophile", according to the American Psychological Association and by it's very definition is: Someone, who for a period of 6 months or more, has arousing fantasies, urges, or feelings towards prepubescent children. The APA states that the person must be at least 16 or older, however there have been cases where younger teens have been diagnosed with "warning signs" that may indicate an unnatural sexual attraction.

Which means is that:
1) The sexual attraction towards young teens (13-17 yr olds) is in a completely different category known as ephebophilia. (The age of consent does not apply because it includes pubescent teens)

2) The words pedophile and child molester are not synonymous in that "pedophilia" describes the sexual attraction whereas "child molester" describes the sexual abuse. Furthermore, studies show that many child molesters aren't even attracted to children, which is why molestation is considered more of a power crime rather than a sex crime. In other words, many pedophiles do not abuse children, and many child molesters have no sexual interest in children - which is why they are two separate words.
(A molested child is not a victim of "pedophilia", he/she is a victim of "child molestation" - even if pedophilic urges led to the act.)
1) Bill just admitted to me today that he's a pedophile. I can't believe he's attracted to children, I hope he seeks help.
by Kylex10 April 02, 2007
Someone who finds feet or foot care exciting & or arousing.
My daughter takes after her mother, they are a couple of hard core pedophiles. They have to have their feet pampered every weekend.
by Phillz June 01, 2010
The stupid American spelling for paedophile.

What the yanks don't seem to get, is:

Pedo = feet

Paedo = child.

So a PEDOphile, is someone who's attracted to FEET, not children.
That dude's a pedophile. He loves feet!
by FreakOfNatureUK May 08, 2010
an adult (chick or dude) who is sexually attracted to young children
Jack: Did you hear about that pedophile Philip Craig Garrido who kidnapped 11 year old Jaycee Dupree, locked her away for 18 years in his backyard, and had two children with her?

Jill: That's fucked up dude!
by momotan September 06, 2009
a person who barters candy and kittens in exchange for sexual favours with young children, usually with no consent or agreement.
harrold:my rear is sore.

samuel:how come?

harrold:i think that i got more than i bargined for from that pedophile.
by mexicannot November 01, 2009
A adlut whom loves small children
Kata says: Hey casey *rubs self all over*
Casey says: Stfu, kata your a pedophile !
by casey-xaha. April 28, 2008
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