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a grown-up man who enjoys fucking little boys
The Unemployed Asshole is a pedo fag.
by I Pwn TUA March 28, 2009
69 12
A pedophile who acts like a child in order to attract younger mates. He doesn't have to actually be gay, he just acts like a faggot, displaying many characteristics of the common emo. Oftentimes, they are found crying in a corner, moping around (purely for attention), or reading manga.
Cody Ker is such a pedofag, look at him with his Naruto book and that 14 year old on his arm. He's 19 for Christ's sake.
by the fuckin truth December 12, 2010
30 9
When you're attracted to other men, and tend to pray on younger children.
Person 1- Shadow tried going after James today.

Courtney-That's because he's a PedoFag.
by ItCourtney6636 September 14, 2010
11 3
pedo: child; fag: cigarette (British slang)
Cigarettes made from bubble gum flavored tobacco, designed by tobacco companies to appeal to young children.
Tobacco executive: "Get 'em hooked on pedofags before they turn eleven and we've got 'em for life! (villainous snicker)"
by va1erio January 23, 2007
13 22