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a term growing popular in the medical world.

the Drug Ritalin, in the long run is shown to have some parallel effects as rock cocaine when ingested or crushed/snorted.

a.k.a. Ritalin.

a great way to fuck up your kid. used in schools as a control drug, it isolates the part of the brain that controls how much energy you regulate. when ingested, it works as a rather VERY effective downer, then has all the effects of the street drug, Speed, after about 8 hours. after the period of the drug's potency, the effect wears off, and your child will act like a nitrous'd car: nearly impossible to restrain.

the best way to deal with ADD/ADHD is just to cope with it. accept the fact that your child is different.

people who believe this helps their kids need to be shot or lynched.
a better and similar definition for pediatric cocaine is under speed
by druggedasakid1991 June 08, 2010