One who has the sexuality of pedophile (usually male) and follows the ancient Greek philosophy of a man and a boy having a consensually sexual and mentor/protegee relationship.
John is a pederast who has lovingly mentored many boys some of whom he has also had sex with.
by Jeffrey Gold September 21, 2005
Top Definition
A word derived from the combination of pais (greek for boy) and erastis (Greek for lover; often times sexual). Used incorrectly in the media as another word for pedophilia, pederasty is commonly confused for the obsession or desire for child pornography. Pederasty is defined as generally anal intercourse between a man of undetermined older age and a male who is underage, as the restrictions apply in his area. Pederasty was used as a moral and educational institution in ancient Greece. In more recent times it has been brought down to ideas of demorilization and mental dysfunction. Lack of information on said subject often time brings fear of the unknown. Many speak of likeness to the objections to homosexuality before the turn of the century. Organizations such as NAMBLA fight activly for the sexual rights of people of all ages. But, due to research to the contrary, specifically that pederasty leads to mental crippling in youth and psycological dysfunctions, the general public generally leans toward the fact that such activities are morally wrong and socially unacceptable.
Many people are brought up and conditioned to automatically believe that certain sexual expression, such as homosexuality, pederasty, incest and masochistic/sadistic relationships are morally and socially wrong and completely unacceptable.
by Defnd0urR1ght$ September 17, 2005
"adults" perceiving children as sexual objects for their own use or other perverse reasons
TSA hires professional pederasts

sexualizing children through his morally warped agenda; he promotes children using children as sexual objects providing children free condoms. barack obama is a pederast
by traskie January 25, 2013
A faggot more fucked up than usual who cannot get laid by someone else of the same homosexual persuasion that preys on children.
faggot 1: hey fuck me
faggot 2: fuck off loser
faggot 1: ok I will get me some fresher meat

faggot 1 is obviously a pederast. faggot 2 is only an internet pederast still
by KillThePigs October 05, 2011
adults perceiving children as sexual objects
barack obama is a pederast: he sexualizes children through his morally warped agenda; he promotes children using children as sexual objects providing children free condoms

TSA hires professional pederasts
by malignforce January 22, 2013
A man who has sex, especially anal sex, with young boys.
He may be able to roll, but he's a still a boy sodomizing pederast.
by J. Eklow February 22, 2005
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