A derogatory term used by blacks for white males. The idea being that they don't know how to use their peckers. And that their peckers have as much feeling as a piece of wood. With a connotation that their minds aren't very sensitive either.
Look at the way that peckerwood walks. Huy...mph <Rising tone as said in the movie, Mama's House.
by laughingdragon September 04, 2006
Peckerwood: Someone who has a tiny penis, skinny, and pen shaped.
Bart has a peckerwood, his last girlfriend told me how small it was!

Girl: He had tiny penis!
Girl2: HAHAHAH I'm going to tell everyone!
girl: HAHAH yah, his cock looked like a tiny little pen.
Girl2: HAHAHA Thats called a peckerwood!
by b250 December 04, 2006
A detrimental comment usually alikened to calling someone a penis. Used in a few rare films with great hilarity
Gerry you Peckerwood that's a crocodile not an alligator.
by Crispin Whattley August 13, 2005
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