Someone who eventually shoots himself in the groin while playing quick-draw with a sawed off shotgun. A person of low I.Q., unlimited paranoia and, generally speaking, a southern accent. Also known as a "fucking yee-haw." He loves lynching black people and is haunted forever by the African-Americans who return from the dead to mess with him in his dreams/nightmares. Peckerwood hell is forever! His love of the NRA will be forever dulled by the tiny penis and balls that he blew off his scrawny ass crotch. His final comment, "No big thing!"
George W. Bush is the ultimate peckerwood. He's a drunk. He's an idiot. He's only 5'7" tall, but he orders the world to believe he's a six-footer. He intimidated or bribed the L.A. Times into calling him 5'11 3/4." If he ever falls off his mother's high-heeled shoes (yick), unless he lands on his petrified and empty head, he will be crushed in the fall. During his simultaneously evil and lame presidency, he drunkenly choked-himself-out with a pretzel. Then one of his dogs, in an apparent effort to bring the Crawford Creep back to consciousness, peed on him. Now that's a drunken peckerwood!
by the pro from dover August 13, 2010
Commonly referred to by people describing someone who is lesser than others. A very ignorant person, usually a male manager of a workgroup.
"My boss Brian is a Pecker Wood!"
"He calls himself Mister Big Drawers, but we all call him a Pecker Wood."
by Jake Hamton December 11, 2007
ignorant whiteboy who hates "niggers".
look at that bald head peckerwood.
by jabo1659 February 25, 2007
a white person that is trash
fuck that pecker-wood he's white trash man.
by jeff April 20, 2005
derogatory term for a white male, primarily used by african americans

this term came about in part because of the stereotype that African American males have bigger peckers than white males and know how to use them: they can have slow sex with their women because of the size of their peckers and their mad skills. on the other hand, white males stereotypically have smaller peckers and thus must thrust very fast like a wood pecker pecking wood in order to please their women with said peckers. therefore white males are peckerwoods also an inversion of the word "woodpecker."
Damn peckerwoods, always tryin to beat down the black folk!
by aerynNIsquared October 16, 2008
A harsh, rarely used insult towards caucasians. The meaning of the word is in it. Stereotypically, a lot of caucasians have small Penis's and negroes who are known to have larger Penis's often use this word to insult them.
"Look at this Peckerwood. You know he cant hit it right."
by TimTimTim June 19, 2008
whitey, salty cracker, honky, the correct term to address a caucasion
damn peckerwoods are goofy as fuck
by fm0924jf0noinggwag453ge August 11, 2005
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