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A good, but much-maligned, white person.

Peckerwoods do not hijack airplanes. They don't expect society to take care of them. They never demand socialist medicine. No peckerwood ever prances in a parade wearing a jock strap.

Peckerwoods mind their own business and are not a burden on society. Be nice to peckerwoods. Take a peckerwood to lunch this week!
Hey, any of you peckerwoods want to go to lunch this week?
by Joao Bufamarillo May 26, 2005
plural of peckerwood. white folks. honkeys. crackers.
Look at all these peckerwoods shopping at the Gap.
by Tim June 17, 2006
A word that describes ignorant loud mouth, unclassy, rural class whites. They also have the tendency being racist toward most races and are uneducated and misinformed.
Damn dog, that dude is acting like peckerwood, being a loud mouth and shit. He is speaking ignorant about African Americans too. What a racist!!
by Sadeek ameen October 15, 2013
a white boy with heart and pride that will knock out any oversized porch monkey from your hood any time.
Nigger: damn kinfolk im broke ima complain bout da white man cuz im stupid and lazy

Peckerwood 1: Lets teach this sheep haired porch monkey a thing or two about a real aryan

Peckerwood 2: yah lets shut them big ass lips from flappin
by peckerwood 214 November 14, 2009
Male Skinhead. Or men who share the White Nationalist opinions.
If you want to see a shit load of peckerwoods watch American History X
by Featherwood for life February 06, 2006
The closest translation would simply be white boy. This is originally a derogatory term for a caucasion person (usually male), but is not always offensive depending on context.
The rap game is gettin infiltrated by all these peckerwoods lately, but only a few of em will last.
by Paco April 21, 2006
Someone who eventually shoots himself in the groin while playing quick-draw with a sawed off shotgun. A person of low I.Q., unlimited paranoia and, generally speaking, a southern accent. Also known as a "fucking yee-haw." He loves lynching black people and is haunted forever by the African-Americans who return from the dead to mess with him in his dreams/nightmares. Peckerwood hell is forever! His love of the NRA will be forever dulled by the tiny penis and balls that he blew off his scrawny ass crotch. His final comment, "No big thing!"
George W. Bush is the ultimate peckerwood. He's a drunk. He's an idiot. He's only 5'7" tall, but he orders the world to believe he's a six-footer. He intimidated or bribed the L.A. Times into calling him 5'11 3/4." If he ever falls off his mother's high-heeled shoes (yick), unless he lands on his petrified and empty head, he will be crushed in the fall. During his simultaneously evil and lame presidency, he drunkenly choked-himself-out with a pretzel. Then one of his dogs, in an apparent effort to bring the Crawford Creep back to consciousness, peed on him. Now that's a drunken peckerwood!
by the pro from dover August 13, 2010