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To wake up an unsuspecting person by inserting one's penis in to the victims anus or mouth. (Multiple points of entry through the use marital aids or phallic vegetables are acceptable and encouraged... (Obvious for female aggressors))
Jane had been star fishing for months, so I pulled a Pearl Harbour this morning to get her involved.
by James Boned March 16, 2015
masturbating them ejaculating and the cum pooling in your belly button
after furiously masturbating then ejaculating the cum pooled in his belly button making a pearl harbour
by catman2468 July 06, 2012
When it is a little cold outside. Hence: a nip in the air.
You might need your jacket. The weather's a bit pearl harbour this morning.
by Monstrousbaby April 03, 2009
While engaging in doggy style sex, the man pulls out and spits on the girls back, making her think that he has ejaculated. When she turns around he proceeds to ejaculate on her face in sneak attack fashion.
"My girlfriend took out a restraining order after I pulled a pearl harbour on her."
by -a0- March 09, 2005
To perform a ruthless and brutal attack on another without that person's awareness.
Doctor, this man's nose is still bleeding from the Pearl Harbour he received from his co-workers. Poor bastard.
by Tom Guy March 12, 2003
Hunk on the hill....
'Check out that massive lezzer over there, she loves a bit of the old pearl harbour'
by ribby o'sullivan May 24, 2009
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