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knifeing your ally in Call of Duty 4 while yelling peanut butter face so it looks like your wiping peanutbutter on his face with a butter knife; also used as an insult or for no reason at all; used as a filler word
1.hey, hey "name", PEANUTBUTTER FACE!!!!
2.ypu know we be rollin like peanutbutter face
3.we be lackin jelly, throw up some peanutbutter face!
by jarome batwonka March 27, 2008

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Someone who is ugly AND fat. Should be used as an insult unless you like being told you're both fat and ugly.
"Dude! Did you see that chick?!"
"Yeah, man! She was a total peanutbutter face!
by damnitrandii December 02, 2008