Something you say when you don't know the answer to a question.
Whats 2x2 Joe? Peanut Butter?
by assjugs July 10, 2008
slang for "piss boner"

since the intials of "piss boner" are 'p' and 'b', and so are the intials of "peanut butter" it makes sense

this comes in handy if you gotta use it in code
Dude 1: "hey dude can you grab me a text book while your up there?"
Dude 2: "why don't you get it yourself?"
Dude 1: "cuz man, i've got peanut butter right now!"
Dude 2: "ohhhh hahahaha suckuh"
by t-cool September 01, 2007
A sticky substance also known as a foreign person's name as Pee-nute Bute-e-air. :]

Off Zoey 101...
warning, saying Peenute Buteeair will make you hungry for Peanut Butter.
Girl 1: Hey there's Peenute Buteeair!
Girl 2: You mean the new foreign kid?

Girl 1: I'm hungry! I want some Peanut Butter!
by TheOne&Only RawrrrQueen April 27, 2009
;) a sexual time between two men and a sandwich
Nathan - 'Will you please make me a sandwich, you sexy, sexy beast?'

Daniel - 'Is that a peanut butter sandwich ay baby ;)'
by Syrill and Sybil January 15, 2009

word filter on 4chan
god dam peanut butter always making noise
by newfagg August 04, 2009
A substance used by lonely women if they have a dog to recieve oral pleasure.


Butter with peanuts in.
"My dog licked my poon after I spread peanut butter on it," *Smile*

"My butter has peanuts in."
"Dude that's peanut butter"
"Fuck off you queef sucker"
by Jamie the sex poo May 11, 2005
(n.): a type of food that is produced by breaking roasted peanuts into smaller particles that eventually become creamy. This is often used to torture people by pasting into one's buttcrack and letting a dog lick it up.
Help! My name is Julian P.; I'm being held against my will and a dog is licking my ass.
by choey January 18, 2004

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