A type of lubricant used for cowboy gay sex.
Just spread between the buns.
Jason: hey mike, come join me in bed.
Mike: yeh let me just get the peanut butter.
by Michelle Widjaja April 15, 2008
Most frequently used when playing the card game Bull Sh*t (bs- other wise said bad spaghetti). After the person next to you has laid their card/s down, you say peanut butter to indicate that you lied and got away with it.
Bob: (lays down cards) 3 sixes.
Dan: (lays down card) 1 seven.
Bob: Peanut butter!
by Alex Kelm March 16, 2008
A lubricant males tend to rub on a female's body so as to strengthen the flavour.

It can also be taken alone, but it is not highly recommended.
-"Go on, let's have sex"

-" Hold on honey, let me rub this Peanut Butter on your booty first.·
by Da Hangover May 08, 2014
Pronounced pea nut butt her. When you bust a nut with your peehole in her butt.
I peanutbuttered that bitch.
by KRinnovations November 23, 2013
When one's ball sack sticks to his legs
"God damn, I have peanut butter again."
by edwarddompnoggin82 January 01, 2010
random stranger "hey"

you "PEANUT BUTTER IS THE ANSWER!" *runs away*

1 year later stranger thinks "what was he talking about!!!????!!!
by schloppy July 21, 2010
A term used by Hockey players to describe a shot that goes into the net and gets stuck between the netting and top back white bar.
Nichols walked in, picked the top corner on the Goalie and sniped it right into the Peanut Butter.

Bartley: Dude did you see Knoop get sniped high glove by Nichols?

Abbott: Oh yeah! He roofed it straight to the Peanut Butter!! I wish I could dangle and snipe like him..
by Nicks1026 December 09, 2009
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