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A type of lubricant used for cowboy gay sex.
Just spread between the buns.
Jason: hey mike, come join me in bed.
Mike: yeh let me just get the peanut butter.
by Michelle Widjaja April 15, 2008
143 132
Most frequently used when playing the card game Bull Sh*t (bs- other wise said bad spaghetti). After the person next to you has laid their card/s down, you say peanut butter to indicate that you lied and got away with it.
Bob: (lays down cards) 3 sixes.
Dan: (lays down card) 1 seven.
Bob: Peanut butter!
by Alex Kelm March 16, 2008
41 41
A lubricant males tend to rub on a female's body so as to strengthen the flavour.

It can also be taken alone, but it is not highly recommended.
-"Go on, let's have sex"

-" Hold on honey, let me rub this Peanut Butter on your booty first.·
by Da Hangover May 08, 2014
1 3
Pronounced pea nut butt her. When you bust a nut with your peehole in her butt.
I peanutbuttered that bitch.
by KRinnovations November 23, 2013
2 4
When one's ball sack sticks to his legs
"God damn, I have peanut butter again."
by edwarddompnoggin82 January 01, 2010
12 14
Semen and a tad bit of urine
She swallowed my peanut butter
by Orangzila March 30, 2014
0 3
as opposed to jamming a dick into an orifice, one peanut butters a dick into an orifice
A: "dude what's the difference between peanut butter and jam?"

B: "I dunno? what?"

A: "you can't peanut butter a dick into an asshole!"

B: "you obviously aren't trying hard enough!"
by holyshitaduck! March 12, 2013
8 12