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a plumlike and juicy pussy
Nickname for your girlfriend
Hey peaches, how about another round?
by Omar's February 11, 2005
96 94
Slang term for a vagina.
From 112's "peaches n cream":
Won't stop girl you know I can't get enough
Wanna taste it in the morning when I'm waking up
Like peach cobbler in my stomach when I eat it up
Got your legs around my neck so I can't get up
See the boys 112 we from the A'
And when it comes to eating peaches,
Shorty we don't play
So all the ladies in the house if your peach 'da shit
Put your hands in the air represent your clit
by Tony AKA Rocky March 14, 2006
44 43
Word to describe two, full butt cheeks. Frequently used to name other parts of the female body, peaches can also be used to define someone's nice butt. Also a comparison between the shape of a peach and a persons behind.
"Hahah did you see Rukia's peaches in that chapter of Bleach?"

"Yes! Ichigo couldn't keep his eyes off of her peaches!"
by Ksdijgdos February 22, 2014
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Please Evaluate and Critique Honestly. (aka. Please Examine and Critique Honestly.)
I am writing for the first time and would like your opinion, P.E.A.C.H.
by Tazqipy November 22, 2013
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a really nice way to compliment someones butt
that girl over there has some nice peaches
by Sarahswann11 July 17, 2011
3 7
a nonperforming/underachieving mutant
Look at that peach

Guy 1: Look at the guy, not getting much luck with the ladies
Guy 2: That's because hes an absolute peach
by word-worm March 18, 2013
0 5
An alternative word for 'nothing', used by those who defy words of terrible nature such as 'banter' or 'allow'
You mean peaches to me, especially because of the way you have behaved this night!!
By God, I have achieved peaches this night!!

I see peaches in your future, it is likely you shall perish, this night!!
There is a whole load of peaches in your scrotum, my brother has seen to that
by The Lady Boleyn May 16, 2010
4 10