the alternitive to saying "BITCH".
throws alot of people off.
yo peach, bring meh that drink.
thats right.
by chrisnxr1 July 01, 2005
the word you say sometimes when you are avoiding the "B" word.
wonder if they got any good peaches up at the clubs tonight
by LARDY February 27, 2005
One of the members of the 1970's disco soul duo: Peaches and Herb.
I'm glad they replaced Peaches. Herb is the talented one. Maybe they'll release a new disco album?
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
to give a titty fuck to a woman or to get a titty fuck from a man
yesterday i peached on two twins named Alexa and Danielle
by LBBz June 29, 2006
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