A girl who went to Cheltenham Ladies with me for about a term! Then went back to Surrey. A right proper socialite, with a fab body. Stunning, pretty, Bubbly, erratic, heart of gold, cute, innocent but wild, sexy, fab dresser, great bum and rack lol, posh girl, heartbreaker, cute smile and gets away with murder, spoilt, a princess, loves hugs, stunning smile, wears funky jewellery, sets people up, spreads the love, always wears dresses, loves to ride (horses), true, makes up random words, very preppy speaker, sincere, funny, random, rosy cheeks, curly hair, looks lebanese but is pakistani, wicked house, loves jewellery, a proper girly girl, loves to shop, rich arse biatch, fab, says hot alot, loves rupert everett, jimmy choos, loves napolean dynamite, loves busted, libertines lol and destiny's child! funky
OMG Peaches is stunning

OMG she is so pretty

Aee you drunk/weird/mad Peaches?
No...just me
by wissdogg March 03, 2006
A nicely shaped, and usually freshly shaved vulva, typically characterized by large labia majora (outer lips) and small, if not invisible, labia minora (inner lips). A peach features absolutely no roast beef, and is considered by many men to be the ideal vulva for a woman.
Did you see her vagina? It was perfect! What a peach!
by Beefus McDanglepuss September 24, 2005
A yellow or orange colored, sweet fruit or the tree it grows on, native to China but grown in temperate areas all over the world.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
very strange and very...horny canadian singer.
"suckin on my titties like you wantin' me..callin' me...all the time, like blondie...check out my chrissie b-hynde..."
by fraulein julieTTTe 999 November 26, 2004
Urban or Freudian allusion to a vulva. The juiciness, soft hair, and shape of the fruit obviously resemble the female vulva. Biting into a peach, with the consequent explosion of juices, is often invoked as a Freudian exposition of male (or female) libido.

"Do I dare eat to a peach..."
T.S. Elliot - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

by com January 30, 2007
something very lovely or wonderful; also, a very lovely and attractive woman
Life's a peach, and then you marry one.
by yumpin yiminy January 31, 2005
a fruit, what else could it be?
there's peaches in here!
by Jeebs April 16, 2005
A princess featured on games from the Super Mario franchise. She sports blonde hair and a pink dress, usually voiced by Jen Taylor.
We need to save princess peach before it's too late! -Mario
by Michael Mahoney April 15, 2004

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