A combined term of peace and later to form peacelates. Originated in santa cruz area of California and slowly spreading through coastal regions and the valley of California. Normally always used simply for saying bye.
(friend gets out of car)(gives friend handshake from their region)."peacelates man."
by yellowbuss August 04, 2009
Top Definition
A word.. People use in everyday situations to get out of regular day conversation.
Also used by Nathan or Nate Napalm from the youtube channel titled " Desandnate "
peacelate Broha!!
by Junk Driver February 17, 2009
a conventional expression used at parting.
Raymond Junior the third: dude i gotta go it's gettin late.
Bob: aight peace late my nigg.
by Ashley Stephens January 25, 2008
A casual farewell.
Zac: hahaha that was awesome. But I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow.
Santiago: Alright bro, peace late.
by cripssssss January 03, 2010
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