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Homonym wordplay (i.e. peace - piece). Used to project the fact that one can be at peace "in pieces". Used mostly as a valediction, or a way to say goodbye. When one says this word, it sometimes means that they feel their life is in pieces, yet they are at peace.
John: You'll be alright. Just remember you have people that care about you.

Steve: I know. Thanks man. Well I gotta go.

John: Ok buddy. ttyl.

Steve: Peaces.
by Poor Ben's Almanac October 20, 2011
4 12
We will kill each other long before we learn to cooperate with each other.
World peace? In your dreams.
by anonymous June 27, 2003
14 22
94. acheived through superior technology and superior firepower!
........The Marines have landed and are about to get into that ass. Then there will be peace in the region!
by N. Culv May 27, 2003
4 12
Well basically, its another word for "snogging". You know, kissing with tongues? Thats pretty much it
Person 1: Guess who I saw peace in the bush last night!
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: DAVE AND PETE!
Person 2: Omg!
by lemon-balls February 08, 2008
0 9
peace is a dream that no matter how hard we try we never get there. no matter how many charitys we donate to. no matter how many celebritys donate and no matter how many times we have another band aid we will never get there. we will NEVER end poverty and wars around the world sadly but its still worth a try.
peace is some thing that bush and blair have no idea about.
by Silent Lullaby November 26, 2005
7 16
to leave; a gesture of goodbye
im boutta bounce, peace nigga
by anthony April 22, 2005
3 12
Something that is a fantasy, just like the tooth fairy. There will never be world peace, there is ALWAYS a conflict going on SOMEWHERE. Weather it's a civil war between guerrillas and government in South America or between Germany and France. Peace is NOT natural.
The peacemongers fantasize about something that isn't real and will never happen.....kind of like a child wishing on a star that Big Bird will come to his house and sing the sesame street song with him.
by The Truth January 14, 2005
20 29