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The term "peace outside" is a derivative of "peace out" and "peace", all meaning goodbye. It started in the 1960s when the hippies would bid each other farewell by saying "peace" and "peace out". Decades later, the hardcore rapping community and "AZN Ghettos" find "peace out" to be too moderate and mainstream. Therefore they came up with the alternative phrase "peace outside."

Most Asian Americans say "peace outside" to wrap up Instant Messenging dialogues. It's best for the first person to say "peace" and the second person to follow up with "outside" as a gesture of AZN coolness.

The Spanish equivalent of "peace outside" is "paz afuera."
A: I gtg, peace
B: outside
by Tiberius Lowang April 11, 2004
peace, goodbye
Yo homeboy, peace outside.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
what psychotic video gamers say to try to be cool
I just got a high score on the latest version of Final Fantasy. Peace outside.
by Yaakov Shlomo April 16, 2004
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