Well intentioned, but highly dillusional individuals who have utopian ideals but incredibly niave approaches to the world stage.

They are typically so arrogant, they feel that their view points trump the rights of anyone and everyone else.
"Isn't it ironic to see that peace activist fight for freedom and liberty by blocking traffic in New York City, thus hindering the freedoms of everyone else?"
by Timmmay September 11, 2003
Top Definition
1) A person who legally and lawfully exercises their right to make their oppostion to war and military action known. Ideally, their protests are a result of their moral or philosophical objections.

2) A person, usually college-aged, woefully uninfomred about the nature of certain conflicts in the world. Often makes rash statements based on surface and incorrect assumptions. This is usually a result of reactionary behavior.
Jody is a peace activist. She reads too much Noam Chomsky.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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