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Puttin Dick in Bitches' Asses. This phrase originated in Kingwood, WV during the Kobe Bryan scandal in September of 2004, when a newscast on ESPN aired. The premise was young children not understanding why Kobe was under scrutiny.
A news reporter then brought up the difficulty in explaining the unconventional sex act to youngsters, when a young 20's male named, "The Gunk" blurted out, Puttin Dick in Bitches' Asses!

This was then later shortened to PDIBA so that it could better be used in a sentence.
Son: Dad... Why is Kobe in court?
Dad: Well, son, Kobe had sexual relations with someone other than his girlfriend.
Son: But that happens all the time.
Dad: I know, but it wasn't regular sex.
Son: What do you mean it wasn't "regular"?
Dad: Let's just call it PDIBA.
Son: OK Dad, whatever you say.
by Innoculation May 15, 2008
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