1. Pearl District Sluts. A term refering to the money grubbing women who flock to the Pearl District of Portland, OR from their homes in Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsburro, Oregon City, Vancouver, etc... In hopes of securing a "sugar daddy" by the creative display of their new TJ Max outfit, bottle blonde hair, and the amazingly frequent use of the word "totally."

2. This term can also refer to a woman who has reached sucess in the goals of definiton 1, and who now lives with the aforementioned sugar daddy IN the Peral District. She now wears Gucci outfits, drives a SL500 Benz, and uses much higher grade bleach to achieve the same bottle blonde look. She is still a P.D.S at this point, it is a lifelong branding... There is no escape.
"Hey man, wanna go to H***** or P****** or A*** or O** and hit on some P.D.S? I just got some shiney shoes, we can pull this off. Lets pretend to be rich and give them a taste of their own medicine!"

"No dude, thats fucking weak, we should go meet some women with real substance to their character who are'nt so petty, fickle and materialistic... Put on your sneakers and lets go hang out at The L** B**** or something instead."
by Naterator May 09, 2007
Peruvian Dick
I got some PD last night and it was amazing, he fucked like a beast but was sweet and caring.
by 1234321234321 June 18, 2011
PD is basically an abbreviation of "Pussy Destroyer"
PD is normally added after a person's name to declare their dominance of "pussies" ( also called a vagina )
Hey, look at Huy PD. Oh hello Huy PD, it certainly is a nice day today.
by VeeZero September 09, 2012
It is an italian acronym which means "porco dio", frequently used in chat room or text.
Mario, dovv'è la bamba pd!?
by Lulz1911 July 07, 2011
Alternative to saying p.q, which is another alternative to the classic QQ. Often usedas a typo when sleepy.
/em p.d ==> Translation to ==> Lydia p.d
by Funkworkz March 31, 2008
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