Pledge class. Concerning a sorority or fraternity.
Which sorority got the best pc this semester?
by lorenja January 20, 2009
1. Personal Computer

2. Penalty Cake

A penalty cake is small, disgusting cake made of very cheap ingredients poorly mixed together and either burnt or underbaked. The cake is prepared prior to an intense game of Monopoly, and every time a player messes up they are required to take a bite of the cake, so that after a while it has collected germs from everybody in the game.
Ha! Go Directly To Jail! Do not pass go, do not collect $300, and lick some icing off the P.C.!
by knarf1995 January 24, 2012
Penis Catcher
as in PC that kid from St. Charles aka the struggle is a Penis Catcher or as in Penis Catcher your an ass whole said meagan
by burtonkid89 December 16, 2008
Penis-Cut. What happens when a girl gives you a handjob or oral sex and they yank your foreskin to hard that it gives you a cut. Usually on the knob.
John: "man i saw Anna tonight"
Keith: What happened?
John: "She gave me a PC"
by eoiuwoi July 15, 2008
Refers to a person of ingenious standard. Someone who is not comparable to a normal person. They are so much better than everyone else both in terms of comedy and intelligence that comparisons simply cannot be made.
Son of PC- "Do you want some of my fathers crisps"
Friend of PC's son- "Yeah sure, Why not"
PC- "Gimme those"
Friend of PC's son- "Oh my God, Oh my god"
by joeeyaaaaaaaaaad April 27, 2008

As coined by me in my kitchen about 5 minutes ago.
Guy 1: Hey man! Let's pop some PC!
Guy 2: .. what about a computer?
Guy 1: Nah, man, PC! Popcorn!
Guy 2: .. Are you high?
by sexymchotpants June 30, 2006
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