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politically correct
by mamajama March 31, 2003
Penis-Cut. What happens when a girl gives you a handjob or oral sex and they yank your foreskin to hard that it gives you a cut. Usually on the knob.
John: "man i saw Anna tonight"
Keith: What happened?
John: "She gave me a PC"
by eoiuwoi July 15, 2008
Refers to a person of ingenious standard. Someone who is not comparable to a normal person. They are so much better than everyone else both in terms of comedy and intelligence that comparisons simply cannot be made.
Son of PC- "Do you want some of my fathers crisps"
Friend of PC's son- "Yeah sure, Why not"
PC- "Gimme those"
Friend of PC's son- "Oh my God, Oh my god"
by joeeyaaaaaaaaaad April 27, 2008

As coined by me in my kitchen about 5 minutes ago.
Guy 1: Hey man! Let's pop some PC!
Guy 2: .. what about a computer?
Guy 1: Nah, man, PC! Popcorn!
Guy 2: .. Are you high?
by sexymchotpants June 30, 2006
pic comment. usually used on myspace, facebook, ect.
'i got a new picture! pc please?'
by omgzitslexi August 12, 2007
PC stands for Perfect Couple
Britty: you and James are totally a PC
Paris: no way! you and Oh are a PC
by ao;gqobh January 16, 2007
Peace; a salutation most commonly used for leaving
JerrySpringerLuva: I g2g ttyl
Shorty4554: ok cya
JerrySpringerLuva: pc
by sheenn September 08, 2005
1. Personal collection; 2. personal copy.
1. Patrick came by during rehearsal to take some pictures for his PC.

2. When I asked for a PC of the school newspaper, Dara gladly obliged.
by Craig Z December 20, 2006

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