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politically correct
by mamajama March 31, 2003
Phone conversation
I'm excited for tonight's PC!!
by 13331333 July 07, 2009
it is basicly means a plastic cock
a dildo is a pc
by mizz bubbly July 04, 2009
stands for Porn Cancer.


addicted to porn, it's a disease.
John: So i heard you got the PC, is that true?

Ben: Yeah man i haven't slept in 3 days.

by stripper4money January 23, 2009
poor cunt
*guy steps in dog shit*
HAHA what a fukin PC
by vinny k October 12, 2008
PC stands for Perfect Couple
Britty: you and James are totally a PC
Paris: no way! you and Oh are a PC
by Britty_loves_it January 03, 2007
Personal Cut - what was once yours is now mine.
"If you wanna smoke yur crack in my crib you gotta give the house it's pc."
by green earth observer October 08, 2006
Personal Computer.
Wow this PC is way better than a MAC!
by Cassandra-075 July 27, 2011

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