PROTECTIVE CUSTODY,pc is a term thats commonly used in the canadian carceral system to define inmates that cant survive in general population.
let`s jack dat pc fool!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
PC: Problem Children or Problem Child.
Children who cause problems, have problems, or look for problems.

That PC needs some serious mental help!
by nate08 February 06, 2006
Personal Computer.
Wow this PC is way better than a MAC!
by Cassandra-075 July 27, 2011
personal crap:

a computer that sucks ass
pc user: i hate my PC i hat my computer it crashed.

mac user: then get a mac you can get a used one off eBay.
by alex1994 July 05, 2011
poor cunt
*guy steps in dog shit*
HAHA what a fukin PC
by vinny k October 12, 2008
abbreviation for "Price Chopper", a huge grocery store that "chops" down the prices and is open 24 hours in some places so its perfect for late night snacks.
"Yo man, let's go to PC and get some munchies"

"I saw mad headies up in PC the other day while I was gettin some beers."
by afloydkillah June 11, 2007
Post count - Used on forums to define how many posts one has made. Usually used as PC+1 meaning to add another post with nothing else added.
Post : I'm so leet.
Reply : ZOMG yes, PC+1.
by Johnnysheriously June 06, 2005
1. Personal Computer

2. Penalty Cake

A penalty cake is small, disgusting cake made of very cheap ingredients poorly mixed together and either burnt or underbaked. The cake is prepared prior to an intense game of Monopoly, and every time a player messes up they are required to take a bite of the cake, so that after a while it has collected germs from everybody in the game.
Ha! Go Directly To Jail! Do not pass go, do not collect $300, and lick some icing off the P.C.!
by knarf1995 January 24, 2012

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