PROTECTIVE CUSTODY,pc is a term thats commonly used in the canadian carceral system to define inmates that cant survive in general population.
let`s jack dat pc fool!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
"Panty Creamer"

A sexy, hot male.
"OMG I think I just...What a PC!"
"That guy turns me on, he's such a PC"
by Torrico September 12, 2009
personal conversation
If your in a chat room you can ask, "Is any guy/girl up for a pc?"
by Ace20 August 18, 2009
Pharmacy Crush.
When you are in pharmacy school and you have a friend crush on a fellow peer. Also can be refered to as pfc.
"Hey, I didnt know pc was in our lab?"
"Yeah he is. Go sit by him!"
by alexa14 September 15, 2008
pill count, as in ecstasy
Yo e-tard, what's your pc?
by Andrew BALLLIN March 09, 2008
In role-playing games RPG, this is the "player character" or "playable character."
A player character being your personal controlled character, and playable character should be pretty obvious.
In Skyrim, the character you control is the player character, or PC.
In Final Fantasy, your party members are the playable characters, or PC.
by awesomesauce95 February 13, 2013
Proppa Cunt
That guy is a PC
by The Rim Greeper January 06, 2012
Proscenium Circus
a.k.a. love, life, and the consumer of one's life = death

the best theater club EVER
PC performed the leromy project, one of the great controversial pieces of theater (and kicked ass @ it!!!!)

PC has the best parties

cousin: what after school activities do you do?
me: PC. my theater club.
cousin: anything else?
me: what else do i have time for? what else do i need?
by theater nerd January 07, 2010

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