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(n.) - James Posey, currently with the 2008 champion Boston Celtics of the NBA.

This is due to his tattoo on his left shoulder/arm area which shows the letter "P" then a basketball going through a hoop (signifying an "O"), followed by a hyphen and the letter "Z"; this is another way to spell his last name (Po-Z)...

... it's just, instead of saying the "O" as originally intended, we say "basketball".

The other variation of his name is "pbasketball-z", pronouncing the "Z" seperately because of the hyphen on his tattoo. However, upon further review, "pbasketballz" was deemed funnier.

Note: This word is all lower cased.
Avery Johnson: Okay, fellas! In order to win this game, we just have to contain pbasketballz!
by &dr00L! June 18, 2008
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