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Pbaby is the common day term used for nOOb or someone lacking of common knowledge. It derived from someone mispelling "wassup baby" on myspace. They typed "wassu pbaby".
Your friends just spilled their drink all over your room, you say, "Why you gotta pbaby it up!!!!!!!!!!!!"
You just pwned ur friend in a vg "HAHA u pbaby"
by Semp May 06, 2007

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it is the common day word for noob or noobie or someone acting like a retard. it derived as someone writing on myspace "wats up baby" but instead was written as "wats u pbaby"
Your friend is playing a video game and loses easily you then call them a "pbaby" or your friend is lacking in common knowledge ur reply is "ur such a pbaby"
by SempaiUchiha April 30, 2007