A public blow job. conceived by my good friend after needing a way to descretly tell me about his fun times with his girl
"Dude, I was taking the subway over here, and I totally got my girlfriend to give me another pb&j!!"
by pahbzz January 06, 2008
Acronym for Penis breath and Janky ass, usually occurs with gay men or experimental women after performing oral sex followed by anal sex.
Judy walked away from Brittany because she couldn't be seen with someone who has blatant PB&J.
by Daviddaybreak April 10, 2009
Term used to describe any Fox body Mustang including SN-95 and SN-95 New Edge cars. Called PB&J because they're easy and relatively inexpensive to build. Also called PB&J because they are so common.
What up dog, you takin' the PB&J out to the track tonight?
by dryhump April 29, 2008
To pack a bowl/blunt or joint of marijuana.
Yo wanna go PB&J. How the PB&J coming?
by Dank Nuggy September 11, 2006
After hard sex, you take the fluids spilling from the vagina and put it on one slice of bread and take a shit on the other slice and make a sandwhich, then make her eat it
Dude after I slammed Tanya last night, I made a PB&J and made her eat it.
by Tom the teabagger March 14, 2008
When you take a shit in your girlfriend's vagina during her period.
I love it when a guy gives me a good old fashioned PB&J.
by Xander Mander October 28, 2007
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