Verb; When you use Safari's Private Browsing feature to hide your history while you jerk off.
Dude I PB & Jd like four times last night.
by masterstroker69 September 27, 2009
Stands for personal bowl and joint. It's used to disguise one's activities when they are trying to get high fast.

It's less commonly used for: personal bong and joint or personal blunt and joint.
mom: "Honey, what are you doing in there?"
son: "Oh, nothing, just enjoying a PB&J."
by sideso March 15, 2009
To fuck a girl on her period using poop as lube
Eddie: "yo my girls on her period I cant have sex"
Chode Marco: "that dont matter give her a pb&j"
by fire dog dog April 24, 2014
When you take a shit, smear it all over your dick, then have sex with a girl while she's on her period.
My girlfriend lets me give her a PB&J when it's "crime scene week!"
by filthy pirate hooker August 23, 2011
When you fuck a girl thats on her RAG then stick it in her BUTT
dude i was gettin this girl the other night while she was on her rag then i put it in her butt thats what i call a PB & J
by Sethzilla June 29, 2011
The act of smearing jelly on the ass of one partner and peanut butter on the ass of the other. Both get down on their hands and knees facing away from each other and proceed to slam their butt cheeks into one another until the jelly and peanut butter are clearly spread and mixed. Whenever the partners see fit, they may stop, take a piece of bread, wipe their partner's butt cheeks clean, and consume their prize.
"Hey Honey, what would you like for lunch?"
"Some PB&J, if you know what I mean..."
by Mampar June 01, 2011
Period blood and jizz. What seeps out when you creampie a girl on her period. You can put this between two slices of fresh toast (preferably whole wheat, for digestion sake) to make a classic pb&j sandwich. Perfect for breakfast, loads of protein and iron.
I fucked a girl with no rubber but was nice enough to make her a pb&j for breakfast.
by blackabe September 04, 2011

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