PB & J - an acronym for smoking weed in the form of a Pipe, Bong, & Joint all in one sitting or session.

Homie we were so ripped after smoking those PB & J's last night.
by [H4L] December 19, 2009
The act of ejaculating into the vagina of a woman during her menstrual period. Hence the term, "Period Blood and Jizz"
"Hey Honey, i'm on my rag and feelin horny! Wanna Make some P-B & J?"
by Bkronks February 01, 2010
a public blow job
when we got drunk krista gave jake a pb&j
by Shangri-la_Soldier July 06, 2011
an acronym for "painful boner and jizz."

it occurs after long periods of having no sexual release, and the penis get so hard it hurts and ejaculates at the slightest bit of excitement.
Tim: "did you see that new acountant?"

Jeff: "yeah, she is so hot!"

Tim: "I know! its been so long since i got laid she gave me a PB & J"

Jeff: "Thats gross..."
by jack ulation December 05, 2009
To fuck a girl on her period using poop as lube
Eddie: "yo my girls on her period I cant have sex"
Chode Marco: "that dont matter give her a pb&j"
by fire dog dog April 24, 2014
personal blunt & joint.
I'll have both types of PB & J please. Yes, the sandwich and the weed.
by divinedevotion April 03, 2011
When you fuck a girl thats on her RAG then stick it in her BUTT
dude i was gettin this girl the other night while she was on her rag then i put it in her butt ..now thats what i call a PB & J
by Sethzilla June 29, 2011

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