Peanut Butter allows you to disperse the butter around your intromittent organ in which you can exploit a Canis lupus familiaris into exciting you, if you will. With Jam, you can not, the reason as to why this is so should be pointed directly at the digestive system of a Canis lupus familiaris. Jam is considered toxic to a Canis lupus familiaris and can result in kidney failure.
"Yo, I need to pull off a quickie, but I have no partner, whatever shall I do?" Jared exclaimed.

"Don't worry about it! Just pull a PB&J from this neat book, 'The Aberrations of Mr.PB&J'!" Jin said fiercely.

"Huh? Oh I got you! A PB&J!" Jared said dumbfoundedly.
by Jin Sin July 15, 2010
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Peanut Butter and Jelly, stuff you have on your sandwitch... That is if you like it on your sandwitch...?
It's pb&j time!!
I would like pb&j on my sandwitch please...
by Aserhe October 15, 2005
One of the cutest slash pairings in homestuck. It is Gamzee and Tavros. it's called PB&J because Gamzee has purple blood, and Tavros has brown.
"Ohmygosh. This PB&J fanart is the BEST."
by Stuckie444444444 September 03, 2012
Stands for "Pam Beesley and Jim" - As seen on "The Office" (2007) Season Premiere.
PB & J are so cute together!
by Conexion September 27, 2007
The act of smearing jelly on the ass of one partner and peanut butter on the ass of the other. Both get down on their hands and knees facing away from each other and proceed to slam their butt cheeks into one another until the jelly and peanut butter are clearly spread and mixed. Whenever the partners see fit they may stop, take a piece of bread, wipe their partner's butt cheeks clean, and consume their prize.
Honey, break out the tarp, we're gonna get our PB&J on tonight.
by Mampar June 16, 2011
v. The Classic PB & J refers to the sexual action in which one stabs a partner, defecates on them, then proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with said partner.
"Yea, her parents walked in right as i gave her the old PB & J maneuver. Needless to say, there was some hostile air in the room."
by Negative Nancy 22 July 29, 2008
Peanut butter & jelly (or jam in the UK) is the best fuckin' sandwich ever (behind meatball sub). I found it via Reggie & The Full Effect.
Damn, if i had any more PB&J i would be rosanne.
by TommyHaych March 12, 2005
noun - A shart in edible underwear.
"Your mother eats far too much fiber. She did a pb&j right before I showed up last night. Man, those edibles tasted awful, but I got them down. Gotta be polite and eat what you're served!"
by methuselah perrywinkle March 20, 2010

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