(n.) Widely played game in the ancient Star Wars universe. Is similar to 21, but with a player's side deck consisting of collected cards that can change the player's total. Played to 20
In hand: +5, -2, +3
Total=10. Hit. Total=15. Play +5. Total=20. Stand
by dMKt February 12, 2005
The best card game in the star wars galaxy.

Also, the loophole on the back of one's jacket, into which one of the cards can be tucked.
My dad's coat had a real knack for being an excellent pazaak holder.
by Tavi December 05, 2003
The male genetalia
i.e- Dude, if you play with your pazaak too much you'll go blind"
by The_Reaper May 24, 2004

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