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one of the livest games to come out of milton bradley's board game line since topple
me and LaCourteous was finna play payday when bof we aunts made us go to Aldi and search for the cheapest sales on Good N' Plenty
by Big Country Kellogg September 05, 2008
2 8
A person you know to only have sex for money.
That bitch is hot!

Yeah but she's a payday.
by not a brown bagger April 22, 2009
4 12
Something that only seems to bring dissapointment...
YO YO YO! I GOTZ MAH PAYCHE--- dayyum... fiznutz, yo...
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
11 20
Oral Intercourse. "A BlowJob"
"Man, My date last night rocked. We sat outside of the Church and she gave me a payday before we went in."
by Joshua Dylans April 26, 2008
3 13
The worst candy bar ever invented. Consists of a piece of caramel or something covered in nuts. Tastes like shit.
Keep that Pay Day shit away from me.
by dr. ake November 01, 2005
12 22
1. a candy bar
2. teh day on which you get paid
3. an erection
4. to blow your load
i was eating a Payday tm on payday, when i say this beutiful body, so i got an emidiate payday. I walked over, found out she was a hore, so i bought her services. 3 mins latter i paydayed
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
6 23