A person you know to only have sex for money.
That bitch is hot!

Yeah but she's a payday.
#ho #hooker #lady of the evening #prostitute #working girl
by not a brown bagger April 22, 2009
The worst candy bar ever invented. Consists of a piece of caramel or something covered in nuts. Tastes like shit.
Keep that Pay Day shit away from me.
#shit #crap #piss #poop #ass
by dr. ake November 01, 2005
Something that only seems to bring dissapointment...
YO YO YO! I GOTZ MAH PAYCHE--- dayyum... fiznutz, yo...
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
While having sex with a girl just before you're about to come you run to the girls purse and release the ejaculate into it while simultaneously shouting "Payday!"
Dave, "Hey man I heard you were hanging out with Krissie last night." Curtis, "Yeah dude it was her Payday for sure."

Jeff, "Man, I gave Sara the biggest Payday last night!" Dave, "Damn she's probably never going to call your ass again"
#payday #pay #day #ejaculate #purse
by BDMD June 09, 2011
Oral Intercourse. "A BlowJob"
"Man, My date last night rocked. We sat outside of the Church and she gave me a payday before we went in."
#blowjob #payday #sex #dick #oral
by Joshua Dylans April 26, 2008
1. a candy bar
2. teh day on which you get paid
3. an erection
4. to blow your load
i was eating a Payday tm on payday, when i say this beutiful body, so i got an emidiate payday. I walked over, found out she was a hore, so i bought her services. 3 mins latter i paydayed
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
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