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the coolest person ever, sexy funny and AWESOM!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST FRIEND EVER
Payal is the best person to talk wit when ur down!
by DESIDOGG January 20, 2005
fuck definition three a payal is a best friend who is fiercely loyal and amazing in every way
payal p is an amazing person
by nick February 13, 2005
THE most giggly, funniest, and coolest lover, er, friend ever! Also known as a "stupid jevi"
Have you been a Payal today?
by Niki April 18, 2004
payals (pie 'als) are anklets traditionally made of tinkling silver bells, very prettily telling of a girl's comings and goings, her dancing, and her joyous mood. They adorn her feet.
Her tinkling payals were imported from the small town of ]Payal in the Punjab province of India. Each payal had many tiny bells stitched to a velvet cushion to be strapped to the foot of the dancer.
by Puddintainette February 06, 2010
Small. They would only seem as small children to your eyes - average height being three foot six or so.

Payal's typically cannot reach most things that are above 3 feet from the ground and often get trampled on in crowded places, despite making silly noises as a warning that she's there.

Payal's also typically pop out from nowhere in surroundings with walls or obstacles over the height of 3 feet. (e.g. pop their head over cubicle walls)

Crowded elevators smell different to these people.
Sue: When I grow up, I wanna be like Payal.
Bob: What do you mean when you "grow up"?
Sue: Oh yeah...looks like I'm already too big to be a Payal.

David: Hey Joan, who is that 10-year-old sitting in the cube next to you?
Ken: No, man. That's Paula, my Payal friend.
by Garee Coleman June 30, 2010