to request an item to be given to you
yo, pax me them called greens
by Trevbo July 13, 2004
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The Spawn of Max and that nearly bald kid who is thought to be named Pat.
"haha, hey max..its Pax!"
by Munqiness January 15, 2004
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To correct other people's statements with your own 'way of saying it'.
Person 1: Oh man, I got the new Xbox!

Person 2: Eh? Do you mean Xbox360??

Peron 1: Oh please don't pax it up.
by Karl Johansson December 12, 2005
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To pull off an item of clothing in an outfit. Came from complete lazyness of saying the full phrase and just blurting out a random word.
"Look at this tye-dye shirt I just got!"
"Hm, you could pax it with those jeans."
by Angus the Superduck February 11, 2006
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